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      Medical Logistics

We provide dedicated regional non-passenger transport for the UK healthcare sector – enabling health trusts, clinical commissioning groups and other related organisations in specific geographic areas to benefit from the significant efficiencies and cost savings created by consolidating and managing their collection and delivery services.

Using our own vehicle fleet and drivers, supported by sophisticated electronic data capture and LIMS-friendly track-and-trace systems, we manage the reliable and timely movement of a wide range of materials including:

  • Internal mail
  • Pathology consumables
  • Pathology specimens and samples
  • Medical records / documentation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Radio-isotopes
  • General consumable items

This enables you to focus resources on the delivery of high quality frontline services to patients, knowing that the supply chain that binds these services together is running efficiently and cost-effectively.

Every one of these operations is tailored to the requirements of the individual customer and each is flexible enough to accommodate changes or additions to the daily routes as the healthcare provision in the area changes over time.